2020 Year in Review

As we look forward to the year ahead, as is tradition, our CORE Planning Strategies team took a moment to look back on the year we left behind.

After the COVID pandemic emerged, the challenges of 2020 called for creativity, flexibility, teamwork, and resilience. CORE’s focus on transformation means that we understand the importance of both creating a plan and being willing to change course when needed. Throughout the year, our team adapted to our new reality while remaining committed to our overall vision. Here are some examples of that, by the numbers.

While CORE has always been set up to work remotely, social distancing and conducting meetings virtually forced all of us to get more comfortable with tools. Before the pandemic, we rarely took advantage of our Microsoft Teams software. We certainly did in 2020! Our team participated in a total of 2,488 Teams meetings, not to mention all the other platforms clients and partners use.

To support local restaurants and show appreciation to our team members, each CORE team member received a food “bonus” we could use to order carryout or delivery. Our team enjoyed lunches from 106 restaurants in 2020, with favorites including Woody’s Library Restaurant, Puerto Vallarta Muncie, Tried and True Alehouse, Station 21 (Crown Point), Steer In, Red Bloomington, The Legend Classic Irvington Café, Johnson’s BBQ Shack, El Meson, Cluster Truck, and Public Greens. We look forward to more in-person team lunches in the future!

While the pandemic disrupted some of our ways of life, CORE continued to grow and evolve to better support our clients and communities. We added capabilities and capacity by welcoming two members to the team—Katie Robinson and Phil Strack—and ramping up our focus on sustainability and resiliency. Whether for healthcare, development, public agencies, corporations or school districts, CORE completed 21 projects and helped 41 organizations increase their efficiencies, realize their ideal capital improvements, and transform their communities. And consistent with our foundational 5 percent philosophy of giving back, CORE donated to 24 organizations.

In April, we bid farewell to the one and only Jack Ragland, who retired from providing business development for CORE. We appreciate his contributions to CORE and wish him all the best!

Throughout the year, our team had the opportunity to collaborate with countless incredible individuals. As we move into our ninth year in business, we thank you for your being part of our journey. Here’s wishing you health and happiness in 2021!

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