CORE introduces new services

Ever since Deb Kunce started CORE Planning Strategies nearly seven years ago, the firm has maintained an entrepreneurial culture of continually looking for ways to create value for our clients.

Given our team’s depth of experience in design and construction projects, combined with our work in the public sector, we often find ourselves being called upon to overcome permitting hurdles or troubleshoot issues that arise during the project process. So in recognition of that, and in the spirit of entrepreneurship, CORE has developed two new services that help us provide value in new ways.

Permitting Optimization

Many business owners don’t realize that today’s permitting process—the verification of plans to comply with codes, standards, and zoning regulations—requires starting earlier than they may expect. Maybe it’s been awhile since they’ve been involved in a construction project (or they never have been) and they simply don’t know what they don’t know. Or maybe their project teams could use some additional resources to focus on navigating the process.

As owner’s representatives, the CORE team provides unique insights on the permitting and plan review process. In addition, we’ve worked extensively in the public sector. For example, Jason Larrison served as Director of Business and Neighborhood Services for the City of Indianapolis and, before that, Indiana’s State Architect. Prior to joining CORE, Michael Bennett spent 13 years in building code analysis for the City of Indianapolis. These experiences, combined with continued engagement with city government, help us stay updated on changing requirements.

CORE’s new Permitting Optimization service opens up our support to organizations that might not be using CORE as an owner’s rep but would still like to streamline their permitting and plan review activities. By establishing a plan, optimizing the process, collaborating with our clients and the appropriate authorities, assigning responsibilities, and maintaining accountability, our proactive approach keeps projects moving forward.

Facility Coaching

Start-up business owners, event operators, and leaders of non-profit organizations often share a common scenario: working with limited resources. And this scenario often requires some common characteristics—determination, resourcefulness, and a hands-on, “do-it-yourself” mindset. Yet when facilities are involved, from temporary structures for the festival planner to a building renovation for the entrepreneur, additional resources are required. CORE’s new Facility Coaching service helps small businesses and organizations avoid some of the common pitfalls of taking on projects by mentoring them on facility planning, design, and construction. The end goal is a successful project that is on time, on schedule, and out of trouble.

Both of these new services allow CORE Planning Strategies to increase our impact in leading successful transformations for organizations and communities.

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