Q&A with Andrea Wesson

For the past two years, Andrea Wesson has been working part-time as an intern and project coordinator for CORE Planning Strategies. Andrea’s role has allowed her to gain experience on projects as she pursues her bachelor of architecture degree with an interior design minor from Ball State University. This May, Andrea will graduate from Ball State and join CORE as a full-time employee. In celebration of this transition, Andrea shares some of her takeaways from her intern experience.

What are some of the key lessons you learned during your experience as an intern for CORE Planning Strategies? How did the role enhance your studies at Ball State?

As an intern at CORE, one of the key lessons I learned was the importance of clear communication, both between team members and with the client. A lot of information needs to be communicated during a project, so it’s important to ensure that information is provided in a clear, complete way.

How does CORE support students and recent grads?

CORE supports students by providing flexibility during the school year and encouragement in connecting schoolwork to the industry. CORE also supports the learning process of students and recent grads by helping them gain direct experience on projects. Many times, interns can be stuck behind a computer completing “busy work,” but CORE gets students involved with direct client engagement and industry professionals so they can experience the real world of the design and construction industry.

What do you think today’s college graduates looking for in their employers?

I think college graduates today look at how well teams work together. Especially in the design and construction industry, it’s important to know you work well with the people on your team. In addition, graduates are looking for teams and companies that align with their personal values.

What do you like most about working with the CORE team?

I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere within our team. While we’re still finding our way during COVID times, when people are in the office, I feel comfortable asking for help or guidance on anything I might be working on.

What projects are you working on?

Currently, my main role is providing project support for the Indianapolis Airport Authority. I also support other CORE projects with graphics and communications, including the 16 Tech HqO and the City of Lafayette’s Public Safety Building.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m a self-proclaimed crafter. I have a Cricut machine that I use to cut out small projects and make things like cup designs and decals for my laptop.

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