Our Expertise

At CORE Planning, our number one priority is helping you achieve your ideal facility. We don’t design or build the buildings themselves, rather we serve as project managers, coaches, translators, and, on occasion, psychiatrists, as you navigate the waters of facility planning.

Our background in architecture, engineering and construction means we can speak the language. We know the right questions to ask, the right partners to get involved, and what it’s realistically going to take to get the job done. And done well.

Our Services

CORE helps transform organizations and communities.
  • Space Programming

    How much facility do you really need? Our programming process provides a data-focused approach that includes user focus groups to ensure collaborative involvement.

  • Project Management

    Simply put, our management helps you get from point A to point B efficiently and effectively. We apply our knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project requirements and guide you through to success.

  • Strategic Facility Planning

    Aligning your facility goals with your business goals is the focus. We’ll help identify your “must have’s” and “nice to have’s” and facilitate a focused decision-making process.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We bring together all the key players, facilitate open dialog, and gather input so that you have a firm understanding of your stakeholder’s needs and can make the best facility decisions for your organization.

  • Program Management

    Under a single program, we manage a collection of related projects developing and tracking both project level and program level budgets, schedules, and scope.

  • Process Optimization

    We look for ways to make your process seamless and more efficient.  By reviewing and refining internal processes it can save time, money, and resources.