Andrea Wesson

Project Coordinator

Fascinated by Legos and other building toys as a child, Andrea Wesson has always had a knack for how things go together and what configurations work best. In high school, she discovered an architecture and civil engineering class that addressed all of her interests. Today, she’s pursuing a bachelor of architecture with an interior design minor from Ball State University.

In addition to designing and creating buildings, Andrea is interested in the interaction between the client and the members of the design and construction team. Her internship at CORE allows her to learn about “the management side of the industry and how the communication and coordination works among the different roles.”

Detail-oriented, organized, and self-sufficient, Andrea appreciates receiving feedback and creating multiple iterations of an idea, noting that “it generates even more ideas and solves issues that weren’t initially addressed.”

Outside of school and CORE, Andrea enjoys looking at Pinterest to inspire her do-it-yourself projects. She also likes hanging out with friends—literally—because they have hammocks they use to relax outside.