Annette Basham

Project Manager

When Annette was growing up, she used her father’s drawing board, T-square and instruments to design a variety of subjects, from house plans to cars to clothing. Her passion to visualize the end result of a project was also evident when—at age 6—Annette suggested her grandmother knock down a wall to expand her living room.

Today, Annette uses that creativity, combined with strengths in collaboration and communication, to “help time-strapped leaders looking to move their teams and organizations to the next level.”

Her interest in leading people through change started at Ball State University during an organizational communications class. Unable to find the right master’s program at the time, Annette revisited the opportunity years later and will soon wrap up a graduate degree in organizational change leadership, proving “it’s always the right time to pursue your dreams.”

A self-proclaimed foodie, Annette enjoys experiencing local artisan restaurants with family, friends, and colleagues and growing a variety of vegetables in her raised-bed garden. Along with traveling, Annette spends downtime golfing with her family—a longtime hobby.

Annette is a volunteer for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Dress for Success and the TRIMEDX Foundation. As an interior designer for the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, she received three special contribution awards from hospital director for her work branding the hospital’s halls and walls with patient-centered visuals and messages, designing a polytrauma tier 2 unit, and managing more than 25 interior build outs, redesigns, and department relocations.