Rae Parks

Project Coordinator

From a young age, Rae had a knack for organization, efficiency, problem solving, and leadership. She demonstrated these characteristics by meticulously folding laundry, helping her father landscape the yard, and bossing around her older sisters.

Though Rae graduated a graphic design major, she quickly realized that design was not where her passions lay. Through opportunities leading teams and managing projects, she realized her strengths were very much the same as when she was a child.

"At my very core, I love growth and revitalization,” Rae says. "I enjoy supporting people, organizing tasks, and creating aesthetic spaces, all the while integrating efficiency into every process and system."

In her free time, Rae enjoys spending time with her husband and rescue dog. Her evenings are often spent reading fiction novels, doing puzzles, or baking (primarily breads). One of her goals in life is to make her house like an old Irish cottage, complete with an extensive garden, chickens that lay fresh eggs, and perhaps a sheep or two.