Trisha Martin

Project Coordinator

Trisha Martin has had an interest in architecture for as long as she can remember. As a child, she would spend hours drawing floorplans to replicate what she was visualizing in her mind. In school, history was Trisha’s favorite subject, and those two passions merged when she studied the history of architecture and art in college.

Today, Trisha’s internship at CORE Planning Strategies is helping her gain experience in design and construction prior to beginning her pursuit of a master’s in architecture. Hardworking, detail-oriented, and always willing to help, she appreciates the opportunity to learn more about the project process while using her problem-solving skills.

Trisha’s appreciation of architecture extends to her hobbies, whether it’s examining buildings in movies and television shows or visiting sites while traveling. She also enjoys reading on a variety of subjects and hanging out with her cat.